Energy Reduction Services Programs

Immediate Energy Savings. High Quality LED Lights Installed. Zero Capital Outlay


• We conduct an energy audit of the current lights at your facility
• We then ascertain the LED replacement lighting requirements
• Based on wattage reduction, and maintenance savings, we calculate the energy savings
• Energy savings total is a 60-­‐80% reduction in energy lighting bills
• Client keeps 20% of the savings for an immediate reduction in their lighting energy bill.
• We utilize the rest of the energy savings to fund the cost of manufacturing and installation
• Client pays for the lights over a 5 to 7 year term in a fixed monthly payment that is based on a percentage of their monthly energy savings.
• LED Lighting manufacturer warranties the products over the entire financing term.
• Since the lights are financed via the energy savings in the Utility Expense line, this approach has positive balance sheet options over a Capital Lease-­type approach.

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